Thursday, March 10, 2011

Belief, books and baseball

My friend Tim Ellsworth's new book Pujols: More than the Game, written together with Scott Lamb, has been released by Thomas Nelson and landed in my hands. Thanks Tim. I read most of it in manuscript form, and I can assure baseball fans, in particular St. Louis Cardinal fans, they'll enjoy it. But the book goes well beyond Albert Pujols' baseball accomplishments, and dedicates at least half of its chapters to his life of faith and charitable works. The balance that Pujols' has found between almost unprecedented success in his sport and humility before Christ is good to see. As a Cubs fan, I have to mention that there is some fawning over Pujols, but the authors don't gloss over the controversy that has arisen around Pujols over the years, limited though it is.

So congratulations to Tim and Scott for finding an idea and seeing it through. Much of what is published for the Christian market are testimonies by the rich and famous, and while this book is not exactly that, maybe I'll comment more on that phenomenon later. Pujols: More than the Game has a built-in market, particularly in the mid-South, and a release date during spring training couldn't be better, so I'm sure it will sell well and lead to bigger and better things.

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