Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Giveaway!

Beware the ides of March! That is the day three lucky blog readers will get their own paperback copy of "The Job: Based on a True Story (I Mean, This is Bound to have Happened Somewhere)". The catch is, the winners won't be random -- they'll be the three entrants who live furthest away from me. (United States and Canada residents only).

So, will the furthest away be in Alaska? Or will it be just down the street? You just can't tell! So don't hesitate -- email me your full name and address, and on March 15 first thing in the morning Central Standard Time, I'll announce winners. Et tu, Brute! It could be your lucky day!


  1. Found you via the Kindle Boards.

    This is a great contest idea. I'll be shooting you an e-mail shortly!

  2. Hey, Barry, good to hear from you. Don't forget to send me your address! It and your email address will remain a secret.