Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Story featured at

My story "Spinning Wheel" is the featured story this week at It is a newish website offering e-reader short stories for sale, usually pretty cheap. I think "Spinning Wheel" may be the longest they have at 7,500 words, so it's a little more than most. Still, less than a dollar. I'm not sure how viable this business model is, but I thought it was worth trying out with one story.

Regardless of all that, "Spinning Wheel" is about the cycles of abuse that families can go through unless and until one courageous member can break out of it. Southern Gothic writing rife with symbolism and things crawling about under the surface. It will be part of my next collection, but that won't be ready for probably another couple of years, so this is your chance to get a sneak peek.

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