Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Media and New Marketing

As everyone knows, there was a time when music, books, movies, &c., could be had only on some kind of physical platform. This also made it imperative to have a record label, publisher, studio, &c., to get an artist's work out to the public. As everyone knows, that's changed dramatically with electronic media. The problem now is quite the opposite: Everyone can get their work out to the public, but there is so much noise in the marketplace, it's almost impossible to get noticed.

I'm obviously pursuing e-publishing with The Job, plus a couple other novels that I'm not marketing particularly aggressively. So far my efforts have mostly been limited to social media, namely Facebook and Twitter, but success tied to those websites seems to depend on the enthusiasm and cooperation of "friends" and "followers" (respectively). If friends don't spread the word about your fan page, and followers to retweet your posts, not much of a network can build. Same for blogging; if nobody reads, the word won't spread. I'll be pondering more such issues as time goes on.

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