Monday, April 4, 2011

New Media and New Marketing XVI

Don't have much to say today. I've been running through new lists of book reviewers, and I've gotten a few bites, but most of these poor people are so backed up that it will take weeks if not months for "The Job" to make it to the top of their piles. One of the more major book review blogs, Red Adept, has a turnaround rate of a year. I sent them a copy late last year, so it'll probably be the fall before they get to it.

Which brings me to one observation: There are book review blogs, and there are bloggers who review books. I've learned to concentrate on the first, because bloggers who review books basically are interested only in what they would be reading anyway. Unless I can detect some real connection they might have with "The Job," it's not worth the time requesting a review from them. Their blogs are not likely to have a lot of followers, either.

Having said that, here's a review -- the very first -- of "Feallengod: The Conflict in the Heavenlies." It is by a blogger who reviews books. Full discloser: He's a friend of mine, and this is his first review, but you can trust his judgment 100%. Take a moment to take a look at it. Also, here's an author interview I posted with a Facebook group, Book Junkies.

You know, the part of this that takes the longest is setting up the links.

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